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Running Technique Group Class

Currently only available to Parents at Duke of Kent School. 

Contact us to find out how we can help your school or organisation! 

Will there be lots of running? 

  • The aim of the group is to help prevent injury, improve technique and efficiency while running. We therefore concentrate on exercises to promote this. 

  • In the first session if you would like to be filmed running to identify common running technique related issues then you are welcome to run the width of the Astro pitch / length of the gymnasium for group video analysis and during some of the progressive sessions we build more gentle runs in the confines of the pitch or gymnasium to practice the techniques we are working on. 

  • For those who want to run together or independently after the session with other like minded individuals the World (or Pitch Hill/Holmbury hill) is your oyster! However this is not in the remit of the group session and is up to individuals to take responsibility for their route and pace and any other decisions they need to make relating to their run appropriateness :) 


My knees mean I can’t run


  • One of the common runners injury’s is often called ‘runners knee’. As a goal of the group it is to help optimise your individual biomechanical alignment using the anatomy markers as reference points such as the back hips pelvis knees feet and ankles. 

  • We focus on strength and stability and as an experienced Running Physiotherapist with years of practicing I also volunteer as a Triathlon coach and personally as a runner who suffered initially with knee pain while marathon training years ago I will support your understanding of how your body alignment from and in standing still impacts all of your running.  Injury Prevention is the goal for knees, backs, hips, feet and any other joint that moves while running. 


My sore back means I can’t run 

  • As regarding knees, postural alignment and mobility with stability is the essence of the initial sessions leading how to use your core stability muscles (around your lower stomach, lower back and pelvic floor) in conjunction with your balance both standing still on two legs and progressing to single leg and then dynamic standing balance. 


I’m not going to do any races why would I want to try your group? 

  • One of my most proud moments over the time I have run this technique group since 2019 in London and also similarly in the time here at Duke of Kent parents group, has been helping people who would self describe as ‘non-runners’, lacking in confidence due to the busyness of childcare, work and in some cases the pandemic or injury. 

  • Having the reassurance of learning from an experienced Running Physiotherapist that your exercise efforts will be the most efficient and that you will (most importantly!) enjoy running has helped bring people to confidence when following a ‘couch to 5k programme’ or to return to training  and knowing how to prevent further injury. 

Let's Work Together

This is your opportunity to learn in a group the running techniques which will Reduce Injury, Improve Efficiency and make your technique Effective. 

Available to book for 6 -12 participants we run a weekly programme of 30-45 minutes where the Running Technique concepts are introduced and practicised.  

Call us to discuss how we can provide this to your school setting or your running friends. 

Please note these classes are focused on injury prevention and are not a running group. Read our FAQ's to find out more!

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