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Having become injured in preparation for the Amsterdam marathon in 2014 I learned how to become a better runner and to rebuild from my injury.

I have completed a further 4 marathons since then, my best time giving me qualification for the prestigious Boston Marathon in 2016.

I have then competed in Ironman events (2016/2018) and had a baby in between. I have rebuilt my body post 4 (!) caesarean surgeries to train and compete injury free.


As a Physiotherapist I have excellent assessment and manual skills

In addition I use acupuncture skills to relieve your pain and rebuild post injury.

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Julia Rowe- May

Specialist Physiotherapist

Pilates Instructor


Triathlon Coach 

Ironman Triathlete

Marathoner (Amsterdam, London, Boston. Fingers crossed Berlin 2019!)

Mum of 3 boys and one little girl

Favourite Running Essential: Hydration Solution  H2PRo and GU Vanilla Gels

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All Videos

All Videos
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Pilates Cat Stretch

Pilates Cat Stretch

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Pre-race Drills

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