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Head shoulders knees And toes

I love thinking this while i run, Head forward but chin tucked gently as I bring my body weight forward, Shoulders low and relaxed to reduce the work of breathing. I work on my trunk rotation and shoulder stability to power up hills and keep my frame lifted.

Knees .. so much to think of here ! My big butt muscle (gluteus maximus with gluteus medium ) working hard mean I can keep my knees in a gentle neutral alignment (straight But not overextended /lock knees) my pelvic floor is working with the core andominal muscles to help control my pelvic tilt which keeps my angle (q angle if we are getting technical ) between my hips and knees in an acceptable range so I’m not overloading in the knee internal and external joint capsule.

Down to my toes . are they awake? Are they active ? Is my mid foot working well to lift the arch actively am I weight into my toes to drive forwards. am I using a scuffing backwards traction to gain push off power ?

There you have it .. oh and don’t forget to sing it as that will help regulate your breathing amd encourage relaxed abdominal breathing which makes everything work better (woah I can expand at length on breathing but let’s leave it at that for now !)

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